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A Christmas Story
I have been wanting to share this for a long time but just have not gotten around to it yet. Looks like today is the day. In December of 2005 I started messing around with my hubby's band saw. A gift from my father and I to him for his birthday (and our wedding anniversary) (We got married on his birthday cuz he said then he would never forget the date) This is the second marriage for both of us. I was widowed 10 years ago and I suspect he at one point must have forgotten a wedding anniversary and that is why we had to get married on his birthday! LOL!!!, Anyway I decided I was going to try to make my (at the time my only grandchild) a little truck out of wood for Christmas. I had envisioned half a truck length wise with the wheels sticking out for him to hang his little coat on in his bedroom. Well then I found these rubber stamps with little animals on them ,and learned I could cut them out with this band saw. Then I realised I should paint them. So off to the store for some paints. Now of course these animals cannot sit in the back of this truck without being caged in. (I am not for cages but I would not want them falling or jumping out of the truck and hurting them selves)

Sooooo I must make a cage. Then I decide that it needs his name wood burned along the side of the truck. Well I do this but now I want it carved. THAT was a stupid thing to want. It took me forever it seems. You will notice that his name is not Jim,or Don,or Al, nooooooooooooooooooo my grandson's name is J-E-R-E-M-I-A-H!!! 8 Veeeerrryyy looooong letters!

Then I find this picture I had of him when he was learning to walk with a walker that happened to be a car walker and he is looking the right way and holding onto the steering wheel. Out comes the scissors. Well now he needs a door handle to his truck. I also happen to find another picture of him grabbing a door handle.Of course he needs steps to the cab of the truck,

and so it goes.................

My hubby was a truck driver and he told me you have to have a P.U.C. or a I.C.C. number on the side of your truck so I just wrote Lic # and used the date which if anyone has been reading this long-ass post, is waaaay past Christmas, my goal for this project.The date is my grandson's birthday. and the est. since date is the year he was born.

So what happened to the half a truck length wise with wheels that stick out so that they can be used for a coat rack?

This is what happened!

Yes, Jeremiah Lee received this on his birthday Jan 8th of 2005.
His parents won't let him use it as a coat rack. It hangs in his bedroom!

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