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My list of Firefox add ons I have to have

Since becoming a die hard firefox user, I have found some extensions that either I love because they are fun and others I wonder how I ever lived without! So today I thought I would just tell you about a couple I really enjoy.
For looks I use Colorful Tabs It is exactly what it says it is. The tabs are in different colors. For me it is easier to see, adds color and changes the appearance of your interface. No more just blah!

Another which is my personal favorite as far as looks goes is called Any color With this add on you can personalize your theme. I just love this extension/add on. They have preset colors, or you yourself can actually customize them. This is my most recent find and I use it daily. I have found myself looking out my window knowing the calendar says it is spring, yet I see snow and cloudy skies and since I am on my computer quite a bit, I will change my theme color to say pink, or light blue. Right now as I write this post I have it set to the most beautiful dark green color. I just love this fun add on.
This next one is such a simple one. Called Reminderfox This is how it is explained if you were to click the link provided above.
"ReminderFox displays and manages lists of date-based reminders and ToDo's. ReminderFox does not seek to be a full-fledged calendar. In fact, the target audience is anybody that simply wants to remember important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, bills, etc) without having to run a whole calendar application. ReminderFox makes sure you remember all of your important dates via easy-to-use lists, alerts, and alarm notifications."
and just like it states that is exactly what it does. I have mine in my status bar and have added important to me birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I also use it if I happen to hear a commercial about a program on T.V. that sounds like something I would be interested in. Which is GREAT for me since I do not really watch T.V. rather it is on in my house all the time so I hear it. Just like "Survivor-Tocantins" I write about this season. I probably would miss it every week if I did not add it to my Reminderfox application.If you are on the web and you read something you would like to watch, read, do later, whatever, you can click on this and add it right then and there. You will never forget something like that again with this simple handy little add on.
Now after doing that and then posting to my blogs, checking out my facebook and doing a little tweeting on twitter, checking and replying to my e-mails I want to know just how long have I been on this damn computer today? With Time Tracker I can do just that with a glance. I have mine in my status bar and I can tell you that at this moment today, March 26th, I have been on the internet 2:09:30 . I love this little add on. Now when the hubby says "You have been on that computer for 8 hours straight," I can laugh and bring him over and show him that men do indeed exaggerate when I show him it has only been 1 hour 15 minutes!
Ya gotto love it!
Now for my personal favorite since using Firefox. I really do not know how I ever lived without this one! It is called Morning Coffee. With the click of a little coffee cup icon, I get my tabs set up for me that I have pre set with what I want to go to when I log onto my computer. So for me personally I have it set to my igoogle homepage, from there my google mail, then I have twitter, facebook and then my blogs. You can set it up to a daily basis, weekly etc. I was raised in Orange County Ca. Their newspaper the Orange County Register has a couple days in it I always look forward to reading. So I have 3 different days when my tabs automatically get set up to the newspaper link. I also have it set to woodworking links on certain days of the week. This add on is really cool. I am not a morning person, so when I log on, I don't have to do any thinking about where I want or where I need to go on the internet, It simply does it for me.

Again I love all these and they are MY personal favorites, but maybe you may want to check out a couple, and without a doubt my Morning Coffee, really is my morning coffee. I don't know how I would start my day without it!
I would love to hear from others that may have favorites not listed here. I am always game for trying something new out. Whether to make my day one of more color, or to make it easier, or to be able to tell the hubby "it has not been two hours (and show proof)" I would like to hear what works for you!

I use the Morning Coffee also. It really is nice to have.

Thanks Jim for stopping by and commenting. It really is funny to me how I have become so hooked on this add on and find myself wondering how I ever got along without it. It is just so nice because I am a little scattered brained in the mornings and this add on does all the thinking for me. LOL!!! And on the serious side it helps me to remember some of the more important sites I may forget about at certain times etc.

I really like the rank checker which checks keyword rankings for a site on the three major search engines. It's from SEO Book if you are looking for it.

I use firefox exclusively but often forget about the cool add-ons. Thanks for the reminder and I will be checking them out.

hallo ... i am eric
talk about firefox's add-on ,
I prefer to use the add-on
related to security.
like WOT.

@ Eric, I agree with you about WOT, that is another I swear by. I have been using WOT now for a long time! Thanks for commenting!

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