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A bear, A jar, and "public safety" and murder

I found this on my iGoogle page under CNN just now. This to me is VERY UPSETTING!!!!

There is something terribly wrong with this picture, and I do not mean the obvious! To think that "professionals" could not tranquilize this bear and THEN to think they all sat around for (6) six days deciding what to do. Then they go ahead and shoot this bear out of "Public Safety!!!" Fuck!!! This just pisses me off! How come they can deliver a deadly bullet on this bear but were unable to "tranquilize this bear" after 6 days.

Below is the actual article that I just read from CNN on my iGoogle page

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP) -- Minnesota wildlife officials tried for six days to capture a bear that had a plastic jar stuck over its head, but ended up killing the animal after it wandered into a city during a festival.

A bear with a plastic jug on its head stands on a garbage bin last week in rural Minnesota.

The wild black bear -- whose head got stuck inside a 2½-gallon clear plastic jug presumably while foraging for food -- ambled into the city of Frazee, about 200 miles northwest of the Twin Cities, during the town's busy Turkey Days celebration.

"When it got into town, our main concern was public safety," said Rob Naplin , the Department of Natural Resources' area wildlife supervisor in Park Rapids.

The bear was first reported near the town of Lake George, about 60 miles east of Frazee on July 21.

While the bear could breathe, it couldn't eat or drink and was likely suffering from dehydration and hunger. "I'm sure there was high anxiety and frustration with its predicament,"Naplin said.

There was no evidence the bear was baited by hunters, Naplin said. The legal baiting season in Minnesota doesn't open until August 15. The bear season opens September 1.

In the six days that followed the initial sighting of the bear, officials tried to trap it and tranquilize it in numerous locations, but to no avail.

By the time the animal showed up in Frazee, conservation officers decided it needed to be killed to avoid conflicts with humans.

"You don't want it knocking over a kid or getting hit by a car," Naplin said. "Showing up in Frazee escalated the urgency of dispatching it."

Please somebody respond to this for me. Please give me your opinions. It has been a long time since I read anything that PISSED ME OFF THIS BAD!!!!

Does this not seem like the biggest crock of shit you have ever heard!!! First to think they followed this bear for 6 days, AND allowed it to suffer and go without eating AND travel (if I read this right) 60 miles in that predictament . But they could not tranquilize it so that the jar can be removed.

But by god some son-of -a -bitch sure was able to kill, no I do not think kill is the right word. I think MURDER is more correct this bear that was doing what it was suppose to be doing and that would be hunt for food. I would love to find out more about this. I just cannot believe how pissed off this has me. I wish there was something I could do. What a horrible tradgedy.

Gosh how do some people go to sleep at night.

Oh yea, I know how, they don't have a conscience to begin with.

If anyone here's more about this I would love an update!



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Wow! That's REALLY lame. I think I'll blog about this myself!

For some reason they did not have a tranquilizer gun when trying to trap the bear. Then the bear left and they couldn't find it.



For some reason, they did not have a tranquilizer gun when trying to trap the gun. When trying to get one, the bear left and they couldn't find it. Sheesh!

Oh my God, If that don't take the cake AND the life of a helpless bear!!!!!

How could he bite someone with a jug on his head? This makes me so sad...


Julie, I could not agree with you more, and then add to that how weak he was. This whole story just sickens me to no end. It is one I shall not soon forget. Thanks for stopping by, and please do so again, PEACE!!!
Allison A.K.A. Moon-Writer

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