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How do you get someone to comment?

Just about any blog that I go to, I will try to at least leave a comment, or if there is a guest book I will sign it. Am I just a handful of people that do? I am really wondering about that. I go to other blogs and I see all sorts of comments, yet I very rarely see any on mine. I realize this blog is only 12 days old. I also know that sooo much of it is my family, of which I would not even expect a comment. However it goes for my other 2 blogs as well.  My 2pass2me blog I use to get a few people that would comment and send me funny, humorus items, but even that has sizzled down. I would love an honest opinion? Maybe it is to young of a blog. Is there to many posts on my page? I personally don't care much for having to click for every post (magazine style) but is that what most people like?
Thanks if you will let me know. It will be appreciated.

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