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I just don't get it!

I am putting this on all my blogs because I do not see what I am suppose to see!

Yesterday I asked if anyone knew what this picture was of, I got a couple replys saying they didn't see "it" I kept saying I know, I don't see "it" either that is why I am asking. Sooo doing my usual morning thing, checking Blogs, e-mails, etc. I find that the "IT" you all were talking about and why you could not see it, because it LITERALLY wasn't there. I use blogger in draft and it explains explicitly that you can not "Save" when using blogger in draft. So yesterday when I posted (or thought I did) this picture (and I did) BUT I must of went back a page or something and then pressed publish post without even thinking to check it!!!

SOOOO grab a cup of coffee or perhaps a nice spirit and have a laugh on me!!!! I deserve it! Soooo here's to ya!



Is'nt the mindfuck that you think you're supposed to be seeing something that isn't actually there?

By the way, I'm always happy to see another blog that's not afraid of the word "fuck."

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