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 In my Blog List you will see I read King Al's thoughts of the day.I found this blog and " met" this person through Blog Catalog. He has a blog that has a different post of something daily. You never know what might show up there. That is why I find it interesting and why I read it.
Well he just so happened across my blog here, (Just my day blog) and replied in the comment section on my "Bear" story. (2 posts down) He sounded just as upset at this story as I am without all the swear words. He in turn wrote about it in his blog. If you would like to see updates on this horrific story just go here
.King Al's thoughts for the day
I believe as human beings there are things that just press our buttons. This bear story pressed mine. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it. It was bad enough that this bear was murdered but the way it was written in the article was just as bad. In their own words they say
While the bear could breathe, it couldn't eat or drink and was likely suffering from dehydration and hunger. "I'm sure there was high anxiety and frustration with its predicament,"Naplin said.
And with that they decide that a bear that has wandered 60 miles that could not eat and was suffering dehydration needed to be killed !
WOW I just can't get over it!!!
I suspect I never will.
Again if you would like some updates on this story just click the link above.
If you are like me it just might "Press your Buttons"
I also want to thank King Al's thoughts of  the day for writing more about this. If you don't even have an interest in this particular story I recommend you do a "check it out thing " on his blog.

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