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Drowsey Monkey and what time of day are you?

I love quiz's! You know the kind. The ones that tell YOU what YOUR favorite color is, or what your wardrobe tells you about your personality. Of course let's not forget what kind of personality you have.
First and foremost I think that if you have to take one of these quiz's (They can be found all over on the web) to really find out what your favorite color is or what kind of personality you have or what your clothes tell about you. I believe you probably need some counseling or a psychiatrist (not a quiz)if you yourself don't know the answers!
Ahhh but in there lies my personal love for these things. I LOVE to see how close these quiz's come to me and how accurate they are in their answers by simply doing what ever they do with the few (and I do mean few) questions I have to answer.
Well a bit ago I was over at Drowsey Monkeys blog. Her blog is another blog I enjoy reading and have in my feed reader, (although it has been an over site that she was not listed in my blog roll here,on this blog until now) That happened when I went from Moon-Writer to Just my day blog. Anyway she has a fun reading blog and all sorts of whatchamacallits. It was from her blog that I found out about the penguins and got some for myself.
And it was from her just now this Quiz called "What time of day are you?" As usual I went to take it. The title is catchy don't you think?
What time of day are you.
Well I was pleasantly surprised with how accurate the answer was to how I believe and perceive myself to be.
Well I have been a mother now for 34 years , and my young one flew the coop just over a year ago, so I can say (and thankfully, AND well earned I might add) that I have not been awake at 6:49 A.M. since the time my young one flew. However the name of the quiz is, What time of day ARE you?
I find my answer and this quiz to be right on. It was fun!
I also want to thank Drowsey Monkey and her blog for some smiles today
and go check out her blog yourself! 

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