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Littering and a lesson from a then five year old

This was a post I had posted last November (of 07)on my Willowshimmers Woodworks that I am slowly deleting but it has always been one of my favorites for many reasons. Mainly what 5 years olds are capable of "seeing" that perhaps us adults are too busy, too side tracked or just don't have time to see (sad)


It is Saturday and every friday night I have my grandson spend the night with me so that his parents can have one night a week to be alone as both parents work. I came up with the suggestion and offered it up to them just the way that I just wrote this,and of course they thought it was a wonderful idea and thanked me over and over again for my unselfish kindness and thoughtfulness.Boy did I ever put one over on them!!! Ha! Ha! What a joke. To think they think I was thinking about them.I was thinking about ME and only me. It was my slick way to get to spend extra time with my "Lil' man!!!" Anyway back to what I was saying . Jeremiah (his name) and I went out this morning behind where I live to take the dogs for a walk and to take some pictures. It wasn't very long ago that all the trees were filled with beautiful autumn leaves. Not anymore! So after taking a bunch of pictures we came back here to put them on the computer so that he could see the pictures before his parents came and got him and as we were looking at them ,it was Jeremiah that noticed this paper cup underneath this tree that I took a picture of. Neither one of us noticed it when I was taking the picture though. So I am not quite sure why I wrote all this except perhaps I learned something today! I learned that I hate littering MORE than I had realized and Jeremiah and I went back out there and we picked up that paper cup and we disposed of it in the proper place. I also think that the eyes of a five year old were opened today of how ugly (remember he's the one who spotted the cup in the picture to begin with) and wrong littering is. I also believe he felt proud (as he should) when we went back out there and disposed of it properly "and made our little piece of the world" a nicer and cleaner place! Yes , This saturday visit taught a five year old a lesson and a plenty-nine year old a thing or two.

Nice story!

If Jeremiah's parents read this blog, they'll find out your secret plan :)

I love that photo of the tree ... and the paper cup is so out of place. Not sure why people litter, never made sense to me.

Your grandson is adorable! :)

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