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My Buick got ran over by a Chevy

On Friday July 25th on this blog I wrote a post called Irony and it was about my dog "Buick" and his "prior" habits of chasing cars. How I thought I had nipped that in the bud, and how I found out I had not when I literally watched him jump off my porch to chase two (2) black labs (of course black labs are not cars,  it's still is a chase) and it was done with me WATCHING him. Being a Border Collie, Australian Shepherd mix , chasing (in dog terms, herding) is what he was born to do . It is in his blood. I have always owned dogs and as a little girl my family always had a pet dog. Every single dog I have ever owned died of old age,with the exception of my little dog "Nick," a purebred mutt and a little dog that looked like a terrier. He was literally stolen right off my dad's front yard when we were down there visiting in southern Ca. Someone thought they had stolen some pure-bred. ."Nick" was 6  and had helped me get through some not so pleasant shit going on in my life at the time. He was my lil' bud. Anyway as I wrote in the previous post, my now dog "Buick" ran after those 2 labs and ended up getting hit by a car and made his way home almost dead. Found underneath our picnic table the next morning my "Buick" obviously did not have enough strength to make it up the 5 stairs to our front door and let us know he was alive.(We had searched almost all - night but we live literally in the woods and it is not like they have street lights!)
This has a happy ending .
I am posting about me letting Buick and his lil' sis  Nala (who happens to be three (3) times the size of Buick if not more, and most likely is so, out the front door while I went out back to shut the sprinklers off. Then I came around the front yard into the front by the door I had just let them out of and they were gone!!!
Of course here I go again, the guilt of not being with both of them for that 2 minutes etc. The screaming begins. I am yelling BUICK....... NALA...... when my husband hears me and comes out the front door and sees my pychotic state. Pure guilt, paranoia, etc. setting in. He whistles! And right there in my front yard is my "Nala" and my "Buick" sitting in our Cougar  "Mercury" ready and waiting to go for a ride!
I ran in and got my camera to take this shot

Then I had really got their attention as I leaned in through our apple tree in the front yard to take this pic  
 And then I came up closer. Apparently because I had let them out the front door, and they saw me go back in and out the back door to turn off the sprinklers , they thought it was time for a ride! As you can see we have a sun roof on this old car and "Buick" loves to go cruising around and actually sticks his head out of the sun roof. They just jumped into the car through the side opened window and were ready and raring to go.
And all I can say about that is Thank god!
Note; I have since found out who hit "Buick" that dreadful day.  This gal went out of her way to keep from hitting my dog "Buick" as he was chasing her car (mainly biting at the tires) when she came upon the option of driving her and her car into a ditch or to get the car back on the road and possibly hit my dog. (Which she did) 
I never could be. She does not even know that I know, and I just want to keep it that way, 
 As for the two black labs that he took off with,I understand that they both just sat on the sidelines as my dog made a complete ass out of himself by chasing tires!
This gal drives a Chevy.  A neighbor that knows the truth started singing to me the other day. 
"Buick got ran over by a Chevy!!!"
To the tune of a christmas song that sings "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer"
Sometimes you just have to laugh to get through some of lifes bad happenings
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