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Wet Hair in public! A no-no?

I was tripping down  internet lane when an article stopped me! You can find it here Julyne's Beauty Blog.
It is about women going out in public with wet hair. Obviously not an earth shattereing newsworthy post EXCEPT the feed back from people who claim they hate to see a woman with wet hair. Myself being the tender age of plenty-nine plus one I found this almost laughable. Until I read on as one person had pointed out they hate being on the subway sitting next to a woman with long wet hair. Never been on a subway probably never will get to get on one I can only imagine, yet I still can't believe it is such a pet- peeve issue. Where I live up here in the mountains I am surrounded with several beautiful lakes. You can not go into my town and go into a local store gas station etc. in the summer without seeing a wet head! I know, I know a little different perhaps but a wet head just the same. When ever I visit my father in the city and if we are in a store or out in public and I see a woman with wet hair my very first and really only thought is fresh, clean! Am I the only one? I hope I can get some feed back on this I am serious, and not just from women. I do not see wet hair as a beauty no-no. Nor do I see it as a "she should not have left the bathroom yet" look. Let me hear your opinions. I find this fascinating. I still say if I were in a subway with a woman with long wet hair I would think fresh, clean.
My good-ness sake I have been doing a beaty no-no for plenty-nine years plus one
By the way it is under the title beauty mistakes we all make! YIKES!!!

Good lord, I go out with wet hair once in a while...I don't get why that would bother anyone, LOL! Very odd.

Anybody who would whine about their subway neighbor having wet hair is an idiot. As long as you're not spraying me with it, I couldn't care less how wet your hair is.

What a totally stupid thing to waste room on the internet writing that article. I have wet hair RIGHT NOW, and I think I probably use my hair dryer MAYBE once a week...but I'm out in public almost every day at 30 with 2 small kids. I'm with you: if I'm a fashion faux-paus, convict me, but don't make me waste time drying my hair to run errands!

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