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Father and son rescued

 CNN reports that

        Walter Marino, 46, and his son Chris Marino, who has autism, were swimming in the Ponce Inlet, south of Daytona Beach, Florida, on Saturday when currents pulled the 12-year-old boy out to sea. His father jumped in to try to save Chris but was also pulled out to sea.

The search was on, and continued for 12 hours before the father was  found by a boat called The Open Range. He was  found eight miles east of where they went missing, at 7:30 a.m.  the next morning. Two hours later they found the son. Both father and son are reported to be doing well other than being dehydrated.
     Is this unbelievable or what? I can not even imagine treading water 1/5 of that time.
What a feel good story. To think the will to live was so strong to keep up that kind of strength and hope, and to simply survive that ordeal is beyond awesome. It is so nice to read a happy ending to what could have had one completely different, don't you think?
And on top of all this. This went on at night. Man I can't even imagine. It is amazing what the human spirit can do when needed.

Yes, that is certainly amazing, especially considering that it was night time! I hope I could do the same thing if I am ever in that situation.

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