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Gambling in Reno Nevada

      Before my husband retired a couple years ago, his company would throw a huge Christmas party every year and his boss bought every employee a room at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nevada for the night and he would hold a banquet room and then have the biggest feast you can imagine. The job and the employees all live in Ca, Reno is only 110 miles away. Ever since then we always get offers from the Atlantis for free rooms, meals etc. for weekends and sometimes mid week. This past Friday (day before yesterday) we took them up on just an offer. They provided us a room on the 18th floor for both Friday and Saturday nights.We were given two (2) queen beds, and a meal last night to die for.
     My "hubby" loves to gamble, and for the most part he does really well. His secret for winning, and winning big? It is he is not AFRAID to gamble.We both play the slots, no tables. He never plays anything less than a dollar machine with a 3 dollar minimum. So every time he pulls a handle he is feeding these very hungry machines at the very least $3.00. I have an absolute terrible time feeding quarter machines with a 50 cent minimum. With every pull of the handle I envision all the things we need to buy, along with all the things I would love to buy. We go gambling about twice a year . It is always the same ol' thing. I am in fear of losing money, so therefore I don't spend much, which in turn means I don't win much, if at all. He spends and he wins. And he wins big.
     Ah- - - -  but Friday night when we got there, the Atlantis had placed a ton of new machines since last time we were there. The machines? They were nickel slots and penny slots. As my husband was placing $5.00 in machines, I was placing 5 cents. Even tho' he teased me about it the whole weekend, (me being to chicken to gamble) I had a stress free 2 days of gambling.
     I also did not do to bad spending a couple of pennys
$52.20 for 180 penneys
90 pennies got me an even $34.00 dollars on this machine,
 75 pennies got me $89.64!!!!
My best win was $118.00 for putting in $1.50 in pennies in a machine.
I stayed busy playing penny and nickel machines for 2 days. I spent $47.00 and I came home with $510.00 .
Yup, for the first time I feel like I was a winner for next to nothing.


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