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Yesterday, Ahhhh , What a nightmare. First thing is when I woke up I called D.I.L.. D.I.L. is known by everyone else as Amanda. She is my daughter-in-law to my 3rd born son Troy. I called her at 9:50 in the morning and sang her an ever so hokey rendition of Happy Birthday!!! Gee , I guess you guessed! Yes it was D.I.L.'s birthday. I was not surprised at all when her phone went straight to messages as I knew I was not going to be the first person to call her and wish her a Happy Birthday! However I was hoping I was the only one that sang it to her. Plus if all the other people she knows sings like me she was probably hoping the same. Then within an hour , I went to use my computer to write a post, check e-mail etc. and it was acting up. It went on like this for hours to the point I actually double checked my check book to see if I had paid the bill. I also realized later in the day that my phone had not been ringing. Something it seems to never quit doing, especially now that my young one Hunter is moving down to So. California this week. Although he does not live in my house just the same town, I still am MOM and I still have the phone, if you know what I mean. So before 5 yesterday afternoon i decided I better call my phone/internet Co. Not that the time made a difference since it was Sunday, and not like Sunday made a difference because you never get to speak to human being.But I guess just because I f------ wanted to call. Well, well, the non-humanoid had a non human message stating that all internet, dial up and DSL was out in Susanville and the surrounding areas and the non human said they did not know when it would be back on. Sooo after the pacing and the shakes and all the other things I go through now that I am hooked on the internet, I decided to try to get some sleep and laid down around 10:30. I could not believe that sleep did not escape me, as most people going through detox have a problem with sleep. But I did not. It seemed like just a minute that I had been asleep when I heard the familiar sound of my computer computing. It was 11:40. So I had slept for an hour and 10 minutes.And so it went, checking the e-mails , checking on Lumberjock's and on my blog must reads, it was today sooner than I had expected. And after going to bed and waking up again turning on the computer for the second time today? I have an e-mail from my 3rd born son Troy saying, Ahhh Mom , Did you forget it was Amanda's birthday yesterday (D.I.L.'s) We didn't get your usual hokey rendition of a Happy Birthday song from ya!
Yep ,yesterday was even worse than I thought,
but perhaps not quite as bad as the poor soul that received my happy birthday song as a message on their phone at 9:50 yesterday morning!!!

This is my D.I.L. being kissed by my daddy on her and my sons wedding day 2 years ago

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