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A new title for Jeremiah

Jeremiah, my little man, received a new title today. Besides grandson and son, nephew and cousin, my  Jeremiah Lee acquired the title big brother. Yep, This sweet little boy is now a big brother!
 To the left in this picture is the proud grandma Cheryl. Cheryl is the mother of Cory on the right whom is Jeremiah's mother and now the proud mom of Aidan Alexander that was born today at a little after 9 A.M.
and weighed in at 7lbs. 11oz.
Even though my son and Cory are no longer a couple, Cory will always be a big part of my life because she is the mother to my first born grandchild, Jeremiah Lee. I also am glad as Cory and her new boyfriend moved in two doors down from me which makes it easier for me to see Jeremiah more than ever, (although Jeremiah lives with my son Travis here locally) . I feel as if somehow I became a grandmother again today and of course I am not, but I still feel like bragging about my grandson becoming a big brother!
And a mighty great big brother I bet he will be!
So congratulations to Cory and Chris, and happy birthday to little Aidan Alexander, and of course
HAPPY BIG BROTHER day to Jeremiah Lee!

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