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A 46 year old fetus

On my igoogle page I have one of those widgets "interesting items just for you" which some how has the computer brain that knows what it is I perhaps will click on compared to something I may not. Today they were right on target.
When I saw these headlines The 46 Year Pregnancy - Lithopedion Baby

First I read the Discovery Channels report on this and then I Googled some more. It seems in 1955 Zahra Aboutalibin a 26 year old woman who, pregnant with her first child and in excruciating labor pains became freaked out, when in the hospital, she found herself around a woman in terrible pain die in child-birth. She then herself left this hospital believeing that this may happen to her.
Zahra once home, the labor pains were just as bad but the baby never showed itself. After a few days this baby quit moving and in the Moroccan culture it is believed that a baby can sleep inside the mother to protect her honour. Zahra believed this, put the pregnancy out of her mind and continued her life. She ended up adopting three children and in time, they made Zahra a grandmother.
At 75 years old the pains returned . Her son's concern took Zahra on a journey (literally) to a couple of specialists, and it was found by onethat Zahra had a calcified structure of some sort in her body. It ended up being figured out by a MRI scan that this was the baby that Zahra had allowed to sleep all those years earlier due to her beliefs.
An ectopic pregnancy which means the egg had implanted itself in the fallopian tube, The fetus that developed, burst out of the fallopian tube and continued to develop in the abdominal cavity. It survived by attaching it's placenta to vital organs around her stomach.
Now in the hands of Professor Ouazzania on whether to remove this 7lb calcified "stone baby" as now it had fused with her abdominal wall and vital organs. He did remove this from her body and by all I read Zahra is well.


Absolutely astonishing, is it not?

Hi Mrs. Allison White!! I didn't know where to leave you a Thank you note for the warm message (comment) you left on my post..I hope it's all right to just put it here..

"Thank you very much and I appreciate your kindness :) We have the same prayers all the time - I always pray that all of them would come home soon, safe and sound..Thank you once again..Stay well and God bless you!!"

KC - http://campjk.blogspot.com/

That was pretty freaky, but very interesting... She must have always had some form of discomfort. All i can truly say is Wow an in body archeological find.. incredible. Suzanne

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