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I am announcing my term in the White House!

Today is the day I have decided to finally get the nerve to announce a blog I have been working on for 66 days. I have added it over at Blog Catalog but never did anything more. I never "introduced" it there. The reason being is quite simple. It will be boring for just about anyone that does not know me personally. It is about my life in Lassen County.
A journey of trying my hand at being able to pull off a 365 day "diary" if you will, of what I love and daily life on my mountain.Yes if the "Walton's" can have a mountain than I am going to name mine Allison's mountain. I realize no one else will but me will call it that of course, but that's okay . It's my blog LOL!!!

The reasoning behind me announcing it today is quite simple really. It is election day here in the United States, and it just so happens I have named this blog, Pinetown's First Lady Living Life in the White house in Lassen County.
Yes a long name indeed.
To find out why you would need to read my introduction over at Pinetown's First Lady Living Life in the White house in Lassen County.  Besides that, you will see (if you visit and I would love it if you did) that on my left sidebar all my visitors have come from Anaheim Ca!
Now I do not know why that is but I DO have 2 sons that live there. Ya Think? Maybe?
But on a very more serious side it is the day to vote, and when you are done voting (and standing in those long lines) come back by and check out Pinetowns First Lady Living Life in the White House in Lassen County
Thanks it would be appreciated! and like I said it is not a blog I think would EVER be a daily read (except perhaps from Anaheim) I Love you Troy and Hunter E.
Get out and Vote!!!!!!

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