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Major Screw-Ups!

Working in the construction field is so much more than the beginnings of homes you see in brand new housing developments, just the outline made in wood. There are the bricklayers, those that work in concrete, there's those that pour the foundations, along with the electrical end the plumbing. All equally as important to get to the main goal. And that of course the finished item.
All of us I will assume see things every single day done by these hard workers and don't think a thing about it. We all take this for granted
We come across major screw ups such as these! Sent by a friend I just had to share them here.
So here are the top 11 major construction screw-ups! And done VERY well I might add! LOL!









And the best and #1 is this!
Sooo let it be a learning lesson to us all, to take a little time to be thankful for constrution that is done RIGHT!!!

Hey, if you're gonna screw up, you might as well make it a major screw up!

Yea, and for the most part,it looks as though they did rather well.!

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