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And who is cooking your dinner tonight?

Let's just for a moment take a look of what is entailed in making a meal. Let's say dinner/supper? First things first. That would be money, unless you are totally self sufficient, you probably need to go to the grocery store.
Once there you need to do a little thinking about what you are going to prepare and then make your purchases. Once home these groceries need to be put away.
When meal time approaches you pull out what you have planned for the evening meal. In my case I am a onion, bell pepper, garlic,celery (for the crunch)  type of girl and just about everything I make have these four ingredients in it in one way, shape or form. They also have to be washed. (Now I don't know about readers of this, but the celery I get is as full of dirt as if I had just got it out of the garden myself.)
Then there is the fun part called chopping, and that needs to be done. You don't think those uniform pieces of vegetables on your plate or in your meal came that way? do you? Well they did not in my house.
Now for the cooking. We either broil,boil,crock pot,saute,fry, bake, rotisserie, or goodness sakes how many more I could add. But that is just the beginning fraction. We must now make sure that whatever our choice of cooking is, that it does not burn. Who wants burnt food. There is also the other end of the scale, and that is to make sure it is not under cooked. No way quicker to get some one sick than to under cook their food.
Without a doubt after the said meal is done there is the dish washing. It too comes into the fraction of meal preparation. Someone has got to do that also.
What about leftover's? Unless you are rich, most people can not afford to just throw away what has not been eaten. It needs to go into the proper places for consumption on a later date. Now this is only one meal in the day.
So this only requires 365 days of work out of the year. With young one's this becomes a 730 times in a year. Now add lunch and lunch boxes and a couple kids to the mix and I can no longer even multiply that much.
So when a meal is prepared for the evening, and I know you love this particular meal, and you boil yourself up some Top Ramen?
Well, don't get so upset when I say FUCK YOU you low life scum bag mother fucker!
The End!

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