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I really want an answer here, do you mind?

I have always been a Coca-Cola drinker, with rum added of course! LOL!!! But seriously I have always purchased it in 12 pack cans. Recently however I have started buying Coca-Cola Classic in 2 liter plastic bottles. I live in California. We have what's called CRV, which is California Redemption Value. It is what you pay to buy this coke in a plastic bottle so that you will recycle it and receive your money back to keep this plastic out of our landfills. Wonderful and great idea. I have always been an active recycler of cans, but a week or so ago  I noticed I pay an additional 10 cents to purchase this two liter bottle of coke, but I only get 5 cents CRV. In other words I only get half of the money I pay back for the hassle of squishing and saving these bottles for recycling. Does this make sense to you?
No wonder our landfills are full of shit. Or is the store doing something illegal by charging me 10 cents? I have written Coca-Cola about this and never got a reply . Does anyone know?

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