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Is this a guy thing?

My husband loves to watch those shows crime shows that 1st there will be a murder and then it goes onto explain how they find the murderer. Sometimes its forensics which I do find fascinating. Most of these shows that he watches are pretty much before forensics came out, so it entails how they go about finding the murderer. Usually it seems to be a teenager, they always show the mother and her pain and there is always a graphic photo or two or 30 for me and any other watcher must handle . Then the description such as "They found the horribly decomposed body with a leg bone that has been taken away due to the animals in this area" etc.
Of course it goes without saying that if I were at home alone I would change the channel, DUH! But when it is your spouse who is so intrigued with this, well that's another can of worms. I NEVER sit and watch it, however I can not escape the sound. I also do have to walk through the room occasionally.
I have found when he watches these shows one after another, (and they ARE out there) I see my self getting depressed. I feel myself getting depressed. I start to think about the horrors of it all!
Does this happen to others or am I just a sissy La-La that can't handle shit!
And how can he not get depressed?
Where are his feelings?
Is this a guy thing?
I sure would like to know!

Totally not a guy thing, I'm watching one right now and it's 9:30 on a Monday morning! LOLOL! I LOVE true crime shows. And books. Love it.

I'm fascinated by human behaviour and murder is the ultimate human behaviour. I can't comprehend it ... it's just fascinating.

I know a couple of women at work who are addicted to Dateline, 48 Hours and Most Evil ... just like I am. We all thought we were weird until we noticed each other reading true crime books ... then got talking about it ... and we're all obsessed! LOL

Clearly, we're all just very strange. ahahahaha.

I have not laughed this hard to a comment ever. What was I thinking!!!
You crack me up Drowsey,Bless your heart for the honesty!
Me? just give me the 44th rerun of Gunsmoke and Festus any day of the week!

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