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Mellow Yellow Monday, my first attempt!

Mellow Yellow Monday. This is a meme, (I hope I am writing this right) from Drowsey Monkey. I love taking pictures and I am really interested in these meme things. I entered my very first one yesterday on my other blog
Pinetown's First Lady Living Life in Lassen County in the White House
I received a couple of nice comments and it was fun.
So today I am going to do this again, so here goes!

Sunset over Westwood Ca. 96137 (Northeastern Ca.) Sept 29th 2008

Autumn Leaves still on tree Oct 26th 2008 in Pinetown Ca.
There is not a bunch of yellow around this town this time of year LOL!!!
Sooo how are these first attempts at Mellow Yellow Monday?
Moon-Writer better known as just plain Allison


Gorgeous sunset! Love it. And the leaves ... oh the Fall is so my favourite time of the year. I love the colours, especially the yellows :)

These are wonderful! Hope you keep doing the meme's....it's addictive...and your photos are great!

Wow! I love the sunset!

I played too :)

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I soooo miss those northern California sunsets...hope to see more via your blog :)

Hi, pls join Saturday Footwear Fever at its first week now.

See you there!

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