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Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday, another photo meme for me to try. Here are two pics that I took yesterday of the water dripping and then freezing onto our lawn, and the other two are some of my particular favorite pictures I took last Autumn with the camera I have now. I always wanted to be able to capture reflections on water and was never able to until this day. This is behind my house and it is known as the "mill pond" a run-off of Robber's Creek in Northeastern Ca. Westwood, 96137
Then a little fun with watereffect
Same pictures

Water Effect

Water Effect

Water Effect

Water Effect


They are so beautitul,also with the water effects you did.

Hope you can also join us at Saturday Footwear Fever this week.

See you!

wow! love those unique effect looks great, thanks for the link, I'll try next week..

Great shots and those reflections are beautiful (the untouched ones). The effect ones are great. They're the perfect shots for that effect.

Wow to all your photos. I love the reflection in the lake.

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