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I never have been a television watcher. Never cared for it much at all. I suspect I might even have a slight case of A.D.D. as I can't simply just sit still for an hour watching T.V. let alone 3 hours or so for a movie. But all that changed last Thursday night when the premiere of this season "Survivor-Tocantins" started. You see we, (Lassen County, Ca.) have one of our own on it this season. I can't say that I know him. His name is Ben Wade and is being called Coach on the show. With that said something pulled me to the show last week. I suspect just a little recognition of our small towns. (He's from Susanville) although it was not mentioned, (the town) but northeastern Ca. was and that was good enough for me. All of Lassen county is talking about it, and it hooked me also. 
So tonight I will be seated in a chair watching television about a man I do not know from a place I love with all my heart.
Go Lassen County, make us proud Ben Wade.

Ahhhh, you're rooting for Coach? Did you see last week's episode? After the face-licking fiasco I'm completely grossed out.

I wouldn't watch that show if I were on it !

@Amberla, I could not agree with you more. I was almost sorry I posted that after watching the 2nd episode. I also will freely admit I will continue to watch!

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