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Watery Wednesday

My son Troy Mosley who lives in southern Ca. took this picture. Taken in San Diego I have to say this picture is breathtaking. Unlike what I take! LOL!!!
Yes he is a professional photographer besides being a wonderful son. I just got off the phone with his beautiful bride Amanda to make sure he would not mind me using this picture. I have it as my desktop. All I could have come up with for Watery Wednesday would have been rain in the street as our weather here has been less than nice!

Note, Not taken by Moon-Writer but by Troy Mosley

For more great Watery Wednesday pictures just click the link below!
Have a great week!


Your son did a great work on this photo. I love that water with the lights of the city scene. And thanks for sharing this wonderful art of your son.

What a beautiful cityscape this is!
Tell your son it's an excellent image.

My post is at Carletta’s Captures.

The reflection alone is breathtaking. Beautiful colors!

Very talented your son!Beautiful~

That is one glorious shot! Your son is very talented!

What a beautiful photo! We visit San Diego quite often~~my aunt and uncle live there! My cousin is a professional photographer: Cindy Kyle is her name.

Yes indeed...that is a stunning photo. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Wow, it is breathtaking. What a beautiful cityscape. The lighting is wonderful and it's so clear.

Oh my gosh, that is a stunning across the water shot of the city. Loved it.

That is some shot, something we only see on magazines. Very nice.

You sound like a PROUD Mama ......

great photo!!! i love the way the darkness of the sky and the water come together to frame the lights of the city and the last traces of the sun

The symmetry of the picture is just awesome. And the colors are lovely. Not the typical black and yellow.

I can see that you are into memes. I would love to see you join the "Smiley Sunday" meme at clixbucks.com. Hope to see you there.

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