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4 Officers laid to rest today

Today when I woke up and the local news was on, I realized that today was the day the Oakland P.D. were buring there own. 4 officers were killed last week in the line of duty. There is close to 20,000 people there today to pay their respects. It is a spectacular sight to see and of course a very sombering thing to see. 
It is very very difficult to watch the procession and now the actual ceremony that is going on as I write this. It is also extremely difficult for me not to watch. I keep going back. 
The tradgedy of it all is overwhelming. To think these men were all killed in the line of duty all from the same force.The sacrifice they gave to keep the people of Oakland safe. I think of the families and it is all so horribly sad, and so horribly wrong.
I guess what I am trying to say is, I as I suspect, a lot of us do is take these fine men and women in uniform for granted on a daily basis. And I am thinking how sorry I am for that. I am going to try not to do so. They are our quiet heroes out there putting their lives on the line 24 hours a day everyday of the week to keep us all safer.
My prayers are with the families, and lets all take a little more time to realize what these men and women do for us everyday. I know I am.

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