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Camera Critters and a dragonfly?

Camera Critters has become another meme that I have truly grown to enjoy participating in. This week I am going to post a dragonfly. My 7 year old grandson has the most uncanny ability to stick his little finger out when he gets by a dragonfly and have that dragonfly land on his little fingers. Tho' I did not get the shot, (I was so shocked by what I saw) this dragonfly actually landed on his little (6) year old finger at the time. I personally have never seen one this big and still am not even convinced it is a dragonfly, but whatever it may be I am posting this for my Camera Critters.





It was after I took these that I took this pic and I really don't know what it is?!?!? Soooo if that does not make it a critter I do not know what will!?


For more Camera Critters (and there are a lot of wonderful ones) click the link below!

Camera Critters

These are wonderful!
I have not one photo of a dragonfly so right now I am a little bit envious. :)

My Critters post is on my photoblog: Carletta’s Captures.

Beautiful find at the park.

Stunning and not an easy subject to photo! Good job. Thanks for visiting my blog, loved your comments and I too enjoy humor. :D

Nice dragon flies! I'm impressed with your grandson's ability to get them on his finger. I think we need a photo of that!! :o)

I ♥ dragonflies a LOT - so you send that grandson of yours my way anytime you want!

That last shot is of a Damselfly.

Fantastic photos!

WOW! What wonderful captures you've shared here!!!
Hugs and blessings,

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