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Memories are something we as humans all have. However have you ever noticed that perhaps your memories are not the same as those of whom the memories are of? This has taken some getting used to on my part. And I still don't get it most of the time. When I think of a certain person say, and I get that warm fuzzy feeling about them and how I would love to find out about them and then you do, and you find out that perhaps they were not feeling that warm and fuzzy sensation like you were all those years? It makes me wonder if I am just SUPER DUPER sensitive or way over the top with my heart. I give it entirely to easily. Mind you I am not speaking of a man or a woman , just friends regardless of their sexual gender. Most of my friends are now deceased including a husband and my best girlfriend and my best "guy" friend. Perhaps that has made me clingy. I guess what it comes down to is if you are a true friend of mine, Don't ever expect me to not think about you, wonder about you and hope for you nothing but the best. FOREVER, no miles can keep these thoughts away or these feelings. Just death and for the most part that does not work too well either.Because I just never forget!!!

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