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Mellow Yellow Mondays and spring

I have been gone a couple weeks trying to visit my father, children and grandchildren, so I've not been a part of Mellow Yellow Monday's in a couple weeks. Southern Ca. is where I went and of course spring has sprung down there, but I am soooo happy to announce that today and earlier this week I can say I saw spring, (right here at home) and in what I saw were some of my favorite hobbies/pastimes.
#1 The ducks and geese I have been following!
#2 The ducks and geese I have been following on a newly sprouting field of little yellow flowers for Mellow Yellow Monday!!!! right here at home. It really is starting to look like spring!
YES! YES! YES! Spring is here she cried loudly!!!!!!!!!





For more Mellow Yellow Monday pictures, visit Mellow Yellow Monday by clicking the avatar above.
I hope every one has a nice week.
A.K.A. Moon-Writer

Great photos!
My Mellow Yellow Monday is here. .

Check out all the Canadians! LOL Love the second photo - looks like a post card.

I followed some geese a few years back and it broke my heart when they all grew up and then they all formed the well known v and flew away.

Ain't Spring grand? :)

What gorgeous pix!

I played :)

With a view like that why would those Geese ever leave.

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