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Survivor-Tocantins Coach is hanging in there!

Well Ben Wade made it through another show. To those that does not know why I am writing this, it is because on the T.V. show "Survivor-Tocantins" a local man is on it. He is referred to as coach. Last nights show was VERY interesting as it looked as if Sierra was for sure a goner, but instead someone else was voted off. For Coach I am sure this is a HUGE upset to him and I can hardly wait to see the next show. I have yet to have a favorite on whom I think should win. I would love opinions on that from any readers whom may be watching. At first I was really disorientated by the way "Coach" acted and presented himself, and I missed last weeks show which by our local newspaper coverage was dedicated a lot to him, but he seems to be softening up bit and showing a more "human" side for lack of a better word from my end. In our local paper it spoke this week of a man that has written a book about Ben Wade and his adventures kayaking. So those stories so many think he is bullshitting about,the kayaking, amazon etc. are apparently true. With that new found info on my part I have found myself looking at him differently. It sure would be a trip if "Lassen County man becomes a millionaire on Survivor"
I as everybody else has to admit that "Coach" has made it this far and there are only 7 people left! 
Who do you think should be voted off next week? I would love to hear from you!

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