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Baseball ,have we lost it?

Baseball, have we lost it?
I get so upset when I hear things like Manny Ramirez getting caught using drugs. Why does this happen?

I have always been a baseball freak, going to Dodger stadium for as far back as I can remember, eating Dodger dogs and falling in love with the game.

It was fueled with even more passion when in high school my freshman year I became best friends with Tommy Lasorda Jr.
Freshman year his dad was still the 3rd base coach but by springtime of that year Tommy Lasorda became the manager of the Dodgers. I was constantly going to games with the Jr. and of course our seats were what most people only get to dream about. Ron Cey, Steve Garvey were a few of the players of the day.

Baseball was what baseball is supposed to be. The all American game! Where family's would go to games and root for their teams, or when televisions and radios could be heard throughout the neighborhood. Where summer days were when my father would be "hooked up" with a transistor radio, rooting out loud at times forgetting he was wearing a transistor ear piece.

Why can't the next generation have these same memories? Why do these players have to put soooo much on the line for steroids, or drugs or whatever? It sickens me, It sickens me real bad.

Baseball is really, really starting to get tarnished. Has it gone too far? Is it too late? I would love to know what you think?

I remember when the best game in my family's world was when you got to see the Dodgers play the Giants. Gosh Those were the days!

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