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The "Swine Flu"

     I live in California and have all my life. I have seen these epidemics/pandemics before. There was the original swine flu, and how about S.A.R.S. and for that matter, how about HIV in it's early days when no one was really sure what we were dealing with. This time however I am more aware of this "Swine Flu".

     I am not so sure why. Is it my age? Perhaps as I slowly add on the years I feel a bit more vunurable. My own demise or illness later in life comes to mind.
However now that I have empty nest syndrome and my home is sooo quiet, perhaps I have time to think about these things.

     The whole world is so screwed up with the economy and all, I just think that the what ifs of this flu is hard to imagine. Like have we not been through enough? Could we please have a time out for a couple of years? I don't know.
I for one, plan on being a bit overly cautious instead of in my younger years with the thought process of "It just can't happen to me"

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