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Where were you when man walked on the moon?

I was 10-1/2 years old. It was a beautiful warm summer day and I was very involved in play with my next door neighbors. Their names were Kathy and Debbie, sisters. Kathy was 1 year older than I and Debbie a year younger. It was La Mirada, Ca. and it was hot. We were playing around with a hose in their backyard. Spraying each other, giggling. Chasing each other with the hose. Pretending to not want to be squirted, yet in child's play welcoming each squirt from one another so as to be cooled off.

 From the other side of the fence, I heard the familiar sound of my back yards kitchen door open. With that, out walked my Mom. "Allison you must come home and dry off and come into the house." But why? I could not understand. We were not loud. We were having a blast. Besides that my mother NEVER made such a weird request as this before.
     Being 10 I started to argue. She was not going to hear a word of it! I knew something was up.
     So I did as I was told. I found my Mom at the front door with a towel in her hand ready for me to dry off. I did. Once inside, I see the television set on and everyone around it. My Mom told me to sit down. You are about to watch history being made Allison. Now you just be quiet and watch, and I promise you this will be a day you will never forget! And one day when you are older, you will thank me for having you come in and witness this.
     And she was right!
40 years later I ask you, Where were you when man walked on the moon?

As you know, I keep most of this to myself. I don't like to yell it from the mountain tops as some do. I was in Vietnam and saw it a couple of days later on the Army T.V. I remember feeling very proud of my country and what we could do when we put our minds to it. I remember it being a very special day in my heart.

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