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Blogging again

Starting up this blog again has been on my to do list for quite sometime. Originally when I quit posting I almost deleted this blog. I am so glad that I did not.
The last couple of days as I have been going through all my previous posts (I still have not gone through the whole thing) is like a little mini trip down memory lane. In the 400 some odd posts that I had on here is almost like a diary.
From the photo memes, I know what the weather was like on a certain date. I can see where I was at and with whom.
From the e-mails that I turn into a post I now realize that there are those I have lost touch with.
From my comments I have received, I see sooo many good blogs and their authors that I so faithfully followed before. It took me going through this blog to realize just how much all of this meant to me.
It was a very big part of my life.
What's that saying? Something about "you can never really go back home?"
I sure hope that does not include blogging.
I am looking forward to starting this blog up again, and more importantly, to seeing you around once more.

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