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Iraqi War- Just a F----ing number?

As a mother to a son who did a 16 month tour in Iraq I am amazed at how much I don't hear about our sons and daughters over there. Is it where I live? I don't think so! A couple of weeks ago I DID hear on the news that we had lost our 4000th  American in Iraq. Is that all I am going to hear? A number? I am so lucky that my son came home. I do however believe that the 4000th one is 4000 too  many. I dare not say how I feel about this war especially in what is just a simple blog, but I do want and am going to say that we as Americans I believe need to never forget, not even for a day what our sons and daughters are doing over there. And if you pray I hope you pray for them.
The day I heard that  we had lost our 4000th American,
You know what?
Never a name, an age or a sex, just a number!
Just a f------ number!
I believe it is a down right shame!
The helmets, weapons, dog tags and boots of two fallen US Marines stand at the end of a ceremony in their honour at Camp Bastion, in southern Afghanistan.
And I will post this now the way I always do;
PEACE!!! Allison

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