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Well the picture here is of the person with whom helped out quite a bit on why I did not get my Indian intarsia done today. I am not complaining I am only stating a fact. I had him for the day and Jeremiah Lee and I had too much fun for me to think of doing anything else today. We (or should I say he) controlled a little monkey jumping from vine to vine catching bananas for nourishment and strength to help him out later on from falling into lakes, and or Volcanos, and all sorts of stuff. YEP. We,(he) played a game called Tropix on this computer. It is such a cute game. Even after he went home I was running around the house making ape/monkey sounds! (Like I don't do THAT everyday)!!! LOL!

Then we went on to a little more older sport of racing cars and motorcycles on the T.V. set game he has over here.

But then of course we did our routine of watching my dog "Buick" make an idiot of himself chasing water in the sprinkler!!!

Being the mother to 4 sons , I know how quick kids can and do grow up. I am not about to let an Indian head intarsia project take a moment away from what is far more important!!!

Me and Jeremiah Lee!!!

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