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I had to go to jail today

I originally posted this on March 27th 2008

To pick up my "Buick." Yep, my Buick went to jail last evening. Seems he was found parked in the middle of the highway, not the middle of the street, laying in wait to attack any other "Buick" or Chevy or Ford that drove by. My "Buick" has taken to his old habits of chasing cars. Yes, my Buick is my dog, rescued from our local animal shelter 16 months ago at the age of 4 months, a half breed of Australian Shepherd and Border Collie, both herding dogs, it did not take long once we got him to his new home (our house) that this dog was going to "herd" anything that moved. Full of love and excitement for our new found family member we were beside ourselves with the very real reality that we may lose this dog do to his his breed and that of which he new best! Herding

We live at the last house of a of a street that maybe has 10 houses, on a small country road in the mountains. Although we do not have a fenced yard , my husband who has lived here for 30 years, has had dogs whom he taught not to go out into the street. When I met my husband 5 years ago. (I was a widow) I brought a small mutt into the relationship, and my husband had a 17 year old big dog. Her name was Beaulah and she did not venture out into the road. I too found it very easy to teach my little dog the same thing.

In the first year of my moving in after getting married, my husband lost Beaulah of old age. We still had my little Mutt dog Nick who was six years old. We went to my fathers house in southern ca. where "Nick" was dog-napped right from my fathers house, something that's quite popular down there, especially little dogs where the amount of money they (the dog-nappers) get from selling them or from a "reward" is out of this world.We never did find "Nick" and my heart was broken terribly. I did not think I would ever get another dog. As time went on tho' we realized something was missing from our lives and that's when we took the trip 27 miles away to our closest town to our local animal shelter.
(We bought our new dog, my husband named him (Don't ask))

And that is the same trip we took this morning for the same dog.

When we realized Buick was a car chaser,We ended up buying him a shock collar and as horrible as that sounds I only shocked him once and my husband only had to do it once also, equipped with a buzzer, the dog relates the buzzer to doing something wrong and learns immediately to quit the bad behavior. Buick was a fast learner and he quit chasing cars and learned to stay on the property.We have not had any problem with him since. We even got him a little sister named Nala, to play with. Although Nala is 3 times as big as he is now.

We do not know why Buick ran away yesterday afternoon, and we were right on top of it, out looking for him. Coming home to see if he were here, we walked in the front door to the sound of a ringing telephone.On the other end was our local (although 27 miles away) animal shelter. This is when we learned that Buick had fallen off the wagon and up to his old tricks. It also was closing time at the animal shelter and our beloved Buick had to stay "parked" in their garage for the night!
It's been a pretty long and cold and snowy winter and day before yesterday the sun was out and it was a heatwave of 48 degree's. We had him neutered when we got him so we don't know why he ran away' maybe the nice weather,
he now has cost us an additional $30.00 for "bail"
but he is safe'
and he is home,
and he maybe doing this , sitting on our windowsill,
on the inside looking out,

Tomorrow when he does this,
standing outside looking in,
He will be wearing his shock collar!
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