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34 years ago (and 9 minutes) I knew a 16 year old girl that had a baby. It was a boy. He weighed in at a whopping 7 lbs. 13 1/2 ounces. Hard to believe that she was able to hide this pregnancy all the way until she was almost 7 months pregnant.. She only weighed a mere 90-93 lbs. soaking wet normally. I guess that is what truly scared and frightened teen-age girls do when they are scared to death to tell anyone. Hide things! Like throwing up throughout the whole Christmas season.You would think perhaps someone would notice? I personally would have thought that puking every morning before ya went to High School would be a dead give away! Apparently not! Nobody EVER noticed. Even when she would get to school, I remember her throwing up when she would get off the bus. I remember her practically living in that bathroom for 1st period and part of second period. But even I never thought to ask her what was up. I suspect she would not have told me anyway.
And she never did tell me then.
And you just cannot get any closer than we were
And then there is that extra special sweet 16 birthday a young girl is suppose to enjoy sooo much. I know it really isn't meant to be hanging over a toilet and worshiping a porcelain God!!!
Its sad to me all these years later, because she knew EVERYTHING right? All 16 year olds know everything. Ask any of them. LOL!!! She was still going to live her dream of being a veterinarian. She did not want to be a domestic animal veterinarian per-say. She wanted to be a veterinarian that took care of farm animals, like cows, steers, bulls pigs, etc. Live on a ranch somewhere. That's all she ever wanted to do! And she was still going to get to do that!
Its funny the way I think about her now. She did not have a clue.
She has never been sorry for the choices that were made, but she does sometimes wonder what life might have been like! I haven't "seen" her in years now, but I always remember her on this date.


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