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I received these pictures via E-Mail from another friend of mine that had found me through classmates. I had actually heard that he was no longer with us 20 or so odd years ago. Imagine my surprise when I get my notice from classmates informing me I had an E-Mail from John so and so.It was definitely a nice surprise. I have seen some of these pictures on the web but not all of them. Awesome!!!
Thanks Johnny!

If  you ever want to see trees like  this, go to Gilroy Gardens in Gilroy, CA. A number of these trees had  been imported from the old Santa's Village Park in Santa Cruz after it closed in 1989. They almost got bulldozed except for a guy who saw them and wanted them for his new botanical amusement park. That guy was Joe Bonfonte who opened Bonfonte Gardens which later became  Gilroy Gardens. This is a low key park with  only a few rides of merit for adults but the scenery - the trees, plants,  bushes, fountains, streams, etc. are just great.  Stop by if you are ever  in the "garlic capital " (aka  Gilroy).






P.S. To Johnny,
I saw the pic, Lookin' good!!!Photobucket

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