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Frozen grapes?????

You betcha!

This is just a little what-not, tip, trick, etc. for anyone who may be interested.

Have you ever heard of freezing green grapes for a treat for young ones? My mom would take green grapes and freeze them, and in the summer this was a very welcomed cold treat. Much more healthier than a popsicle and a much more fun. When you freeze them it seems as if they stay frozen for quite a long time. They don't melt down your arm OR make a mess, nor is there a stick that you will find stuck to the floor, porch, etc. I am sure you get the picture. After all we all were kids once.

Which brings me to my other what-not, tip, trick, etc. They make GREAT ice cubes! You can either freeze them just as grapes and add them to a child's juice, Kool-Aid etc. Or as a child my mother would freeze grapes in the ice cube tray.
Does anyone remember those gag gifts you could buy with a fake ice cube with a fake fly in it, and then you would proceed to add that to someones beverage for a reaction?
Well trust me when I say a grape frozen in a piece of ice is much more appealing! Plus the ice does not seem to melt as quick! (although I personally have never timed it! LOL!!! )

As an adult I enjoy Rum and coke, and an occasional Gin and tonic. Both of these drinks are perfect to add a few frozen grapes OR frozen grape ice cubes to.

Before you start laughing ya ought to try it once. It is good! When you are done with your drink you have a few grapes to eat. Yummy!!!

My only word of caution SHOULD go without saying but I will. Do NOT give a child one of these frozen grapes nor a frozen grape ice cube if they are not old enough for you to feel comfortable about handing them some grapes to just eat. These in ice cubes or in a glass just frozen can EASILY be choked on by a small child. As adults you may not want to serve something like this to an inebriated guest either. you don't need them choking!!!

This also looks really nice in a punch bowl along with keeping it cold. I have a friend of mine that does not drink but she freezes chunks of lemon both ways as stated above and puts the frozen lemon in her water and/or iced tea!
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