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Want to find out where YOUR money went?

Want to find out where YOUR money went?
Have you ever wondered where your money goes AFTER you spent it! I found this site called Wheres George?
First go to this site and register. It is very important to read their terms. After you sign up. Then it will be explained to you just how this works. In a nutshell , you register all your bills and then ask those that receive your bills to go to Wheres George? and they will be asked where they got the  bill (town ,state and if possible, store(Wal-Mart, drug , grocery, etc.)  what kind of shape it is in ).Wheres George then gives you all the statistics, such as how far it traveled and how long it took to get there. I live in Ca. and had one get to New York in no time at all., then I had another go just 20 miles and as far as I know it is still there. It's a fun little hobby. Check it out.
I cannot stress enough tho' about there reasoning for their terms, mainly I think the BIG one is they don't want you to give all your bills to a bank, It's like cheating, ya know? It is not the normal everyday routine a normal bill would go thru.
 If you are into this or find this interesting go for it and have FUN!!!
 And to my Canadian friends this sight ALSO offers a Wheres Willy for Canadian currency
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