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Am I too old to go back to school?

I am 50 years young. I do not want a degree. I have no plans on graduating anything. I simply am thinking about going to college. I live 25 miles from Lassen Community College in Susanville, California .There are a couple of courses that really interest me.

One is English 103 Introduction to Basic Writing.

There is 2 hours lecture/3hours lab

The description is ; Introduction to the basic skills needed for clear written expression at the paragraph level. Students will explore basic grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph organization. The emphasis of the course is to provide in-class practice in  small group settings on topics drawn from the student's personal experiances and too provide practice in supporting a main idea with specific details.

 First of all I feel like I would have at least 30 or more years of life experiances than the average student. LOL!!!

 But seriously though I would love an honest opinion. What you would think if you took such a course and there was a 50 year young woman sitting next to you?

Would you want to be in a group with me? Would you think I was an ass for even being there? Would you say Go Grandma Go!!!! ?

All of this sudden interest is because I have always loved school, but it kind of got cut short due to having a son at the age of 16. From then on I was just MOM until 2 years ago when the youngest turned 18 and flew the coop.I am not saying I could not have furthered my education all those years but it was just the way it went!

I also found a Black and White photography class I am truly interested in. Soooo If anyone reads this I really want to know what YOU think! Would you want to be a part of a group of people with one of them my age but not with the aim of doing something with this course for a career. (This is a prerequisite course for journalism students)

Or should I just move to Texas and take the course there. For an extremely interesting article about schooling check this out .
This comes from King Al's thought's of the day!
Any thoughts on this I would love to hear.
School actually starts this monday August 18th!
Oh I thought I would add, my oldest son AND his wife are both teachers (and both with masters in teaching) along with one of my sons is continuing his education to become a teacher. I also have a brother (out of two (2) ) and his wife that are also teachers!
(Just a little bit of bragging rights going on here)

I'm 46 and I'm always taking classes. I think you'll be surprised at how many mature students there are attending college. I went back to University full time in my 30s ... there were lots of people in the 60s and 70s taking classes. They had the time and money...and interest. Some were even working toward a degree.

I got my degree, and now just take course I find interesting. My last one was Art History ... there were a variety of ages in attendance.

Go for it! :)

Thanks Drowsey,
Any little pep talk helps right now and I appreciate that!

Go for it! I thought it was great when I had older students as classmates - they have a lot of insights to offer that you just can't learn in a classroom.

Don't get me started on the Dallas school district...

Thanks I need all this. I find it sooo odd of me to be dragging my feet, it really is unlike me, so I will keep reading these over and over again so that I just GO DO IT in the morning!

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