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Do women really change their mind more than men?

After this week end I know I can say I can place myself in that catagory. After being a little upset with this template loading slower than my others I decided to change it, even though I REALLY like this one!
I have only had one comment bad about it brought to my attention and that was over the color, and yea! I do LIKE red! However I did not listen to my true self and went ahead and changed it with not one but four (4) , all new ones I found, all can be found through Blogger Buster in Amanda's article 125 blogger templates (the best yet) and they are beautiful and they are seductive and I wanted to change mine. They were begging me to give some of them a try, and even tho' I have a "test blog" for such a purpose, (I have been known to do this before) I just had to do it for real. In my long wake-up call of a weekend the only smart thing I really did was back this one up. I say wake-up call because I knew better from the start. First I am a woman so I do believe in the cliche' that perhaps we do change our minds more than the opposite sex, but the other is I am a Capricorn woman and a Capricorn woman prefers routine to chaos. And that is exactly what this blog and myself were in the entire weekend. CHAOS!
But I am back, and I have my original template and I do love "Blood Red" and I do like my slower than usual loading template (which of course has to do with some of the items and widgets I place on it!) So all is back to normal for me and my blog and I learned my lesson and I should have listened to myself to begin with that I do like this template. Sooo the moral of my little story is
"No more changing my template"
Until the next time of course,
cuz I am a woman
and we can and do change our minds!
and in my case
too much!!!
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