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600 and feeling good!

Just a little over 30 minutes ago, I passed the 600 visitor mark. Even in cyberspace I can hear some of you laughing, but that's okay, because we all have to start somewhere,and I am laughing too. However my laugh is more a loud smile. I am happy, very, very, happy with my 600 mark. You see, I did not know if I would even get a couple visitors to a blog like this. This type was a complete change for me. And actually I still don't know "what type it is"
but I know I learn a little more everyday, and I enjoy it more everyday. I have become more comfortable with being me out in the open. I have really met some of the nicest people that I have "never" met, mainly through Blog Catalog. A lot of the people there have kept me chuggin' along whether they knew it or not, and to them I am grateful. Although I don't mean this kind
of chuggin'

It has helped at times.
Photobucketand I just want to say

to all of you that have helped me to enjoy doing this sooo much
And even tho' 600 visitors is not a lot, I never have been the type that started out at the top and worked my

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