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Christina Applegate

Today as I was flipping through channels on my T.V. something I tend to do as I do not watch television yet it never is turned off. I have it going for the background noise. I just haven't found any shows in a long time (daytime) that I would ever sit down and actually watch. Until today.As I was changing the channels Christina Applegate was being introduced on the Oprah Winfrey show.I used to love the show Married with Children years ago when it came out. With Peg Bundy the Red headed mom who sat on the couch watching T.V. eating Bon-Bons all day long while her husband Al was at work selling woman's shoes. The little brother Bud who's character could have been a show in itself. And then of course the dizzy and more than dumb blonde sister Kelly played by Christina Applegate.

After that great run of Married with Children she played in the movie don't tell mom the babysitters dead,where her mother had left her and her younger siblings all summer long with a babysitter who subsequently died in the movie, and Christina Applegate's character decided to take over the care of her siblings for the summer and not tell her mother that the babysitter was dead. It was about her hustle in a grown up world and her trials in becoming the "woman/caretaker of the house and what she did and how she got there. A coming of age movie in a way.
Well today on the Oprah Winfrey show she had announced her fight with breast cancer and her reasoning for having a double Mastectomy at this tender young age of 37. What I saw today was a woman with such class. From the way she spoke, to the way she dressed. Her story would tug at anyone's heartstrings yet she spoke so eloquently and with so much strength and character, I was so impressed. I was stirred with her braveness in telling her story, something so terribly private, to her wanting to do so. I am sure there will be a whole lot about this story in the next few days, and as a woman and a human being , I hope men and woman alike will listen . I applaud her for her courage and strength and her willingness to share that so many other woman who would like to tell there stories are not able to do. After all Breast Cancer is not just a woman's cancer, it is a human race cancer.There is breast cancer diagnosis among men though rare, I meant it that a woman fighting this cancer is always a daughter, or a mother or sister to a lot of men out there.
As from a woman from Pinetown Ca I thank her for sharing her story. And God Bless!

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