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Christmas already?

Today, as I am leaving the post office with my mail, (I live in a town that does not have home delivery of mail)Thumbing past the bills and bullshit, I was excited to see I had 2 new woodworking pattern magazines and a new crochet pattern magazine. Woodworking and crocheting are my favorite pastimes here on planet earth, even above blogging. I always seem to make something from each mag as soon as I get them (which is every 2 months)Ah, but it does not look like this time! I was so disappointed when I got home and all 3 of these mags were for patterns to do with Christmas. In the woodworking mags there were the patterns for the ornaments, the Santa Claus's and reindeer and such. In the crochet it was nothing but Christmas Stocking's , Christmas tree skirts, the doilies, and of course the runners you place on your 8 foot dining room table for that Christmas meal that we all have on our 8 foot dining room table. It is September, these mags say they are Oct, and Nov. It seems like these companies that run these mags would perhaps have specialty mags for the purpose of Christmas, Easter, etc. The sad thing is the 2 wood mags are by far the best I have ever found, and the crochet one is known as one of the best. But it has gotton out of hand and I think I will just have to stop the subscription's. For me it is WAY too early to be hawking Christmas, and my personnel opinion is they are disgracing their dignity as a mag. I know I for one do not want to spend the next 4 months making ornaments and crocheting Christmas socks. I would much rather be expanding my learning by be given (well I pay for the mag) patterns I can use and learn from all year round! After all they ARE pattern mags. It is hard for me to believe I am the only one out there that feel's this way.

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