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I am sooo glad I saw this Freeway sign!

Today I visited a blog that brought something to my attention when it comes to blogging and different aspects to do with it. I was looking at some reply's I had received on a question,( or more just an opinion I had posted) on Blog Catalog, a community of bloggers where bloggers meet one another and check each others blogs/work out. One of the reply's to my comment came from a Jenn Thorson whom writes a blog called Thriftshop romantic. In one of her posts she had placed a picture of a freeway sign showing the way to her destination of a post she was writing about. I know this is a very simplistic thing, but for me as a reader I realized when I read her post and others I have come across, just how much I like to see this in a post. For me, it gives a whole lot more to the story by simply giving me a feel of what it looks like, what the weather is like on a certain day,wherever the post may be from, and a much more personalization of the whole post. I think more bloggers ought to consider doing this when they are talking about a certain trip, or journey etc. Just my opinion, but it is one that will keep me (a long with of course, the interest to the blog itself)
coming back, or at least got my attention enough to write about this.
So my thanks to Jenn for #1. for replying to my comment, but #2. showing me something that I had not really thought about before!

Glad you found it helpful! I just like anything that makes "being there" feel more real and tangible. I like to take readers along with me on little virtual trips, places they might not otherwise get to go. Signs and landmarks tend to help that along.

Have a lovely weekend,

Jenn does have two very awesome blogs!

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