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Death and Birthday's

 Day before yesterday 11 years ago my husband
enjoyed a warm clear Westwood day. He was hanging around with friends and friends were coming over and it was just a really nice day. For a second we could forget that he was dying and it was coming quick.
Then came 11 years ago yesterday. September 14th 1997, my husbands 46th birthday. He did not get out of bed that morning, said he wasn't up to it. A friend of mine's daughter came over and we made "Eddog" (His term of endearment by all, and I was alley cat)a birthday cake. Neighbors and friends came over to and we got him out of bed, and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. At the end of the song, many people will sing "And many more!!!!" and that is what this post is about. The silence that ensued after singing happy birthday. No one sang and many more. It was the single most profound moment for me and him that death was imminent, and that there would never be "anymore" There is something to be said about being married as young as we were, and knowing each other as we did. We never spoke about the song, but "we" knew. I am not writing this to be a sad post (although of course for me it is a little hard to write ) but I am writing it to keep him alive. It is also written so that I can remind myself just how precious life is and it should never be taken for granted. And even tho' we knew we were losing him, I was to naive at the time to think it would be so soon. Ed never even had a piece of his birthday cake. He went back to bed and got up only once, a week later, to go to the hospital due to a turn for the worse, and 2 weeks later to the day of my husbands 46th birthday, he was gone. Sooo if you are reading this, kiss your friends , kiss your family and tell every one you care about how much they mean to you.He never got to meet his grandchild and our youngest was only 9 at the time. He does not remember too much.He was way to young to die and he left 3 fatherless children. He would be so proud of them now.
So here's to you Eddog, to let you know we are thinkin'  about you, and not a day goes by that we don't,

With our love ,
Alley Cat and Ed Pup's

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