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Favicons, Binish Mathew, and TechFlaps

TechFlaps/Waves of Technology is a blog I have written about twice prior (actually written more about the writer of the blog versus the blog itself)
and today will be no exception. I have always wanted to have a Favicon. The little symbols that you see on your address bar on a particular site. Such as blogger has that fat looking white letter B surrounded by red. Well just day before yesterday I had finally found a site that explained how to do this (in terms I could understand) and I used a Favicon generator to make one for all 3 blogs of mine. As you can see I have my moon fairy on this blog and I was able to place the picture I have always wanted to use for my Wood Alley site as favicons and I was successful in doing this. However I wanted more, yes greed set in, as I wanted to use my animated smiley frog on my other blog This too shall pass (thru).

This frog is by far my personal favorite "feel good" picture that I have found on the internet since I turned a computer on for the first time around 20 months ago. I simply cannot look at this picture (my header picture on my This too shall pass (thru) blog.)without breaking out with a smile. Since it is of jokes and funny pictures, it was without a doubt the perfect header for me to use . I was successful in making it my Favicon for my blog but it was not animated. As far as I am concerned, without the animation , it is just another frog picture.

That is where Binish Mathew of TechFlaps/Waves of Technology comes in. Ever since I have been a follower of his blog I have actually written to him a couple of times. Today when I was still trying to figure out how to make an animated Favicon, I checked his site to see if he had written about the subject. When I had seen that he had not, I wrote a simple letter explaining what I am writing about here. A little later (and I DO mean a little later ) I was shocked to see in my side bar here (I have his blog listed as one of my must read blogs) the title to his newest post was " How to show animated images as blog site favicons. Now of course I clicked on it thinking to myself that this was indeed a coincidence. Much to my surprise he writes about the letter I had written, and goes on to explain how to do exactly what it is I am writing about here. Instead of animating my favicon I just had to write about this first.

Since no names were mentioned I AM assuming he was speaking of my letter, as I would find it really coincidental that someone else wrote with the same question. I just had to write about his blog again. Perhaps I am from the old school, but it means so much to me to be acknowledged by a few than it does to be ignored by several. Plus the fact I have written other blogs with questions etc. and have never even gotton a polite FUCK YOU.

So I just want to publicly thank Binish Mathew of TechFlaps/Waves of Technology for taking the time to explain things and answer questions from just a girl in Pinetown, Ca.



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