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After numerous articles read by me on how to add drop caps to your post, I have always wanted to do it. Whenever I would read a tutorial on it and then try it, I could never figure it out. I am not too shy to ask questions, never have been, never will be. It blows my mind how many people will write tutorials on items such as this but will never take the time to reply if you have a question about it. Isn't a tutorial a "learning lesson?" I kind of feel that if you are writing articles such as that you should expect some questions regarding the article. Yes, I realize people are busy and for the most part I have simply had to live with the fact I was not going to get reply's, but I could keep asking the next person that may post it. That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. I noticed in my side bar on this blog that Binish Mathew of TechFlaps/Waves of technology had written an article on how to use drop caps. I linked to it immediately ,read his article and realized I had tried this exact way before and could not figure it out. I wrote him explaining this. I have written so many others about this I really was not expecting a reply.
But I did. He wrote me a letter and explained it in so simple layman terms I was surprised at how easy it was. I was so pleasantly surprised by this, (his reply)and the fact that he took the time to explain to lil ol' me how to do it that I just had to write this post about it. So I would like to thank him publicly and ask any of my readers here to check out his site. He has many an article that would be interesting to a wide spectrum of readers. I cannot stress enough how important for me as a reader of a blog to know that the writer cares about his readers. That is my number one issue about this blogging journey, knowing there are "real" people out there enjoying, sharing, and caring with there fellow bloggers. So do me a favor and stop by there and tell him Allison sent you.

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