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Finally my name came up on blogger for me to add followers. Well now I have the followers widget, but I have no followers.I am sure you can see the dilemma I am in!  LoL. So if you read my blog or visit once in awhile would you mind following me? I am pretty excited about this new widget as I have several blogs that I read thru my Google reader and/or just visit the blog itself. If these bloggers add this widget to their blog I will add my name to theirs as a follower. I think as bloggers this is a great idea for others to see the followers. Word of mouth (or printed type) is an excellant way to give the blogs and bloggers that you enjoy a word of recognition. As you can see on my sidebar i have my blog must reads written there, but I would love to show them on this widget also!

Hi Allison!

I just followed you (using my blogger account)!

Hi Allison!

(I'm posting using my blogger account instead of my wordpress account.)

Keep up the great work, and I'm following you now!

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